Programmes 2011

  • 1 x 90' Sunday 11 December 2011 BBC Four

    Is it possible to make beautiful music out of garbage? Inspirational conductor Charles Hazlewood is going to find out. This documentary follows him challenging a group of the UK's top instrument makers to transform junk, broken furniture and the contents of road-side skips, into instruments worthy of a place in a symphony orchestra.

  • 1 x 60' Tuesday 6th December 2011 BBC Three

    Two couples - Sam and Rachel from Wigan and Tony and Serena from Liverpool - have never met, but they do have one thing in common. They are both planning to tie the knot. But are they marrying the right person?

  • 13x 30' Monday 31st October CBBC

    Thirty two of the country's best bakers – aged 9 to 12 – take part in the first ever Junior Bake Off.

    Over three weeks, their cake making, biscuit baking, pastry and bread making skills are tested to the limit. 

  • 4 x 60' & 1 x 30' Monday 17th October BBC Three

    Up For Hire Live is a unique interactive series for BBC Three, transmitting from 17 – 20 October, which aims to help young people who are out of work, or in temporary jobs, to start a new career.

  • 11 x 60' Sunday 14th August 2011 BBC Two

    Over eight weeks twelve of the country’s best amateur bakers face increasingly difficult challenges as their cake-baking, pastry, bread-making and patisserie skills are tested to the limit.


  • 4 x 60' Wednesday 13th July 2011 BBC One

    We love it, we hate it, but we never stop talking about it. The Great British Weather is the top topic of conversation in the UK, and this show celebrates it.

  • 1 x 60' Thursday 14th July 2011 BBC One

    In this film, parents of children in a Leicester primary school are given a rare opportunity to see how their children really behave in class. The classroom of a year 4 class in Humberstone Junior School is rigged with fixed cameras and filmed over the course of one week.

  • 1 x 60' Saturday 25th June 2011 Sky 1

    Can singing bring people together? And will learning to perform a song help this family become closer?

    Adam and Sam are a young couple who desperately want to get married but their dream is on hold beacuse their families are constantly at one another's throats. With little chance of resolving their problems themselves both families agree to a unique way of settling their differences. With the help and guidance of vocal coach Dr Voice they are challenged to heal their broken relationships by joining together and singing live in front of family and friends. 

  • 1 x 60' Thursday 16th June 2011 BBC One

    Hundreds of thousands of economic migrants risk their lives and cross continents to try to illegally enter Britain every year. In this ground breaking film two reporters set out to immerse themselves in the journeys that migrants take along the most popular and dangerous routes to the UK. 

  • 3 x 60' Tuesday 10th May 2011 ITV 1

    As a result of the recession, homelessness is expected to rise dramatically. So should more of us open our doors to help? This documentary series follows four celebrity households doing just that.

  • 1 x 60' Wednesday 20th April 2011 BBC Two

    The Great British Bake Off judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood explore the history of the British wedding cake and reunite the three finalists from last year’s Great British Bake Off in a one off wedding cake Bake Off...


  • 10 x 60' Monday 4th April 2011 Oprah Winfrey Network

    Can a workaholic really learn how to be a better parent from his or her own child? In this series, the kids are empowered to stand up to their workaholic parent and make a difference. It's good-bye to cell phones and computers and hello to family time... with the kids at the helm.

  • Thursday 3rd & Thursday 10th March at 9pm on BBC One 

    In 2011 three billion people live in abject poverty surviving on less than £1.50 per day. It's an existence that few people in the west can possibly understand. So four well known personalities have agreed to spend a week living and working in Kiberia in Nairobi. It's Africa's biggest slum and home to some of the poorest people on the planet.


  • Tuesday 21st February 2012 at 9pm on BBC Two

    Britain is getting older. For the first time there are now more people over the age of 65 than under 16. But the young and the old are further apart than at any time in history. Most elderly people rarely see anybody under the age of 60, and many teenagers have little interest in anyone of a different generation.