Programmes 2010

  • 1 x 60' Wednesday 22nd September 2010 BBC Two

    The youngest boarders in Britain are just seven or eight years old when they are sent away from home for the first time. This film tells the story of three boys - Luke, Dominic and Louis - during their first term at Sunningdale School. We follow the boys from their very first night to the end of the autumn term of 2009 in an attempt to understand the world of boarding school life from the boys’ point of view.

  • 1 x 60' Saturday 18th September 2010 BBC Four

    During WWII, a remarkable band of female pilots fought against all odds for the right to aid the war effort. These trailblazers were part of the Air Transport Auxillary - thousand strong organisation that delivered aircraft to the frontline RAF during Britain's darkest hours.

  • 6 x 60' Tuesday 17th August 2010 BBC Two

    In a series which celebrates Britain’s love affair with baking, the search is on for the country's top home baker. Ten passionate bakers travel the country and each week undertake three challenges in a different discipline, after which the least successful leave the bake-off.

  • 3 x 60' Tuesday 3rd August 2010 Channel 4

    Our lives are over-run with experts handing out advice on everything from food to fashion.
    But what happens when you take two experts from the same field, who fundamentally disagree with each other's practices, and challenge them to test their theories against each other?

  • 4 x 60' Monday 12th April 2010 Channel 4

    Meet Ben, Mollie, Andrew, Jozsef, Alexander, Jonathan, Claire, Lea and Alex. These nine young people are all autistic. With the support of their families and two professional theatre directors, they will attempt the impossible feat of producing a stage production at the Hammersmith Lyric Theatre.

  • 2 x 60' Tuesday 9th March 2010 BBC Two

    Almost 2 and a half million people are unemployed in Britain today. Four famous volunteers are going to four unemployment black spots across the country to discover what it's like to be jobless. Larry Lamb, Meg Matthews, Emma Parker Bowles and Diarmuid Gavin grapple with the reality of living on £10 a day and looking for a job.

  • 5 x 60' Sunday 16th May 2010 BBC Three

    Five WAGs leave their pampered lives behind to experience a side to South Africa their World Cup partners will never see. They will stay in the country’s most deprived neighbourhoods with orphans, the homeless, prostitutes and women and children with Aids.

  • 4 x 60' Monday 1st February 2010 Channel 4

    Four MPs spend eight days and nights on four of the toughest council estates in the country. What happens when those who have the power to make a difference finally confront the harsh reality of the Britain they’ve helped create?

  • 1 x 60' Thursday 4th February 2010 Channel 4

    What do you do if you really want a girl but just keep on giving brith to boys? Keep trying, like the Bowens have, for 21 years? Forty-three year old Wendy Bowen has eight boys but is still desperate for a daughter. Her biological clock ticking has turned into an obsession.

  • 2 x 60' Monday 5th July 2010 Channel 4

    Around one in three British young people will lose their virginity before their sixteenth birthday. These programmes offer a frank and uncensored young person's view of one of Britain's most controversial dilemmas, as they and their families negotiate the minefield that is underage sex.