Programmes 2009

James: My Alcoholic Friend

1 x 60' Thursday 24th December 2009 BBC Radio Five Live

The programme follows former British tennis champion Annabel Croft on her search for a homeless alcoholic man she met when she was living on the streets of London for ten days while being filmed for the BBC1 hit series Famous Rich and Homeless.

Kidnapped By The Kids

1 x 60' Thursday 10th December 2009 Channel 4

What’s the point of having kids if you don’t spend any time with them? With the longest working hours in Europe, Britain is fast becoming a nation of workaholics. Two children of one workaholic, fed up with never seeing their Dad, have decided to do something about it.

Megan: Let Me Grow Up

1 x 30' Thursday 26th November 2009 BBC Three

13 year old Megan's like is controlled by Mum and Dad's rules and routines. Years of isolation have left her withdrawn, and with little contact with the outside world. But all this is set to change as her Jehovah's Witness parents have suddenly decided to let Megan grow up.

The Marchioness - A Survivor's Story

1 x 60' Tuesday 13th October 2009 BBC One

Jonathan Phang, television presenter & fashion agent who, for the last 20 years has lived with a terrible burden - he organised the party on the Marchioness, a Thames passenger boat which was hit and sunk by a sand dredger in 1989. As the 20th anniversary approaches, Jonathan tries to reconnect with other survivors, some of whom he hasn’t seen for two decades.



Virgin Cooks

4 x 60' Tuesday 18th August 2009 BBC Three

Britain can’t cook anymore. And as we all know, we’re unhealthy and obese as a result. One young chef has a novel approach to this problem. Gordon Jones –who, at just 26 is head chef of one of the country’s leading five star hotels – reckons that he knows how to get families cooking well and eating together again.

My Big Decision

6 x 60' Thursday 16th July 2009 BBC Three

This series follows girls, on the cusp  of womanhood, on the brink of making huge decisions. Each week two girls wrestling with the same issue embark on a road trip across the UK. There's just one catch... They're taking  their mums and grans with them. A week of family "bonding" is the last chance for the older women to influence their daughters' decisions.

Famous, Rich & Homeless

3 x 60' Wednesday 24th June 2009 BBC One

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be homeless? The Marquess of Blandford, The One Show’s Hardeep Singh Kholi, journalist Rosie Boycott, former Coronation Street actor Bruce Jones and teen tennis star Annabel Croft swap their lavish lifestyles, fame and fortune for a world of soup runs and hostels.

Young Mums’ Mansion: The Dads Arrive

10 x 60' Monday 30th March 2009 BBC Three

Ten single parents and their twelve children move into a mansion in Somerset to find out whether living communally is better than being on their own. And this time five of the parents are single dads. Can men and women whose relationships have failed put aside their differences with the opposite sex and tackle life together?

My Life As An Animal

5 x 60' Thursday 16th April 2009 BBC Three

Each week two brave individuals volunteer to experience life as Pigs, Horses, Dogs, Penguins and Seals - for four very long days. They sleep with the animals, eat like the animals and even learn to speak like the animals.

Boys and Girls Alone

4 x 60' Tuesday 3rd February 2009 Channel 4

Imagine a world without grown ups. A world governed by children. Where every decision is made by a ten-year-old. Boys and Girls Alone is a groundbreaking documentary series where 20 kids between the ages of 8 and 12 are given the ultimate freedom - the chance to find out what it's like to live by their own rules.


5 x 60' Tue 27 Jan 2009 BBC Three

Emma Kenny and Jonathan Phang launch their radical self-confidence building course. Each week they take a different group of professionals through a series of challenges to help them confront their fears and build their self esteem. After stripping themselves bare emotionally, will any of them have gained enough confidence to undertake the closing naked stunt in public?