Weekend Escapes with Warwick Davis Series 2


6 x 30' Friday 17th April 2015 ITV1 

Warwick, Sam, Annabel, Harrison and pet pooch Sherlock are back on the road again in their pursuit of the perfect staycation. After Warwick’s efforts last year the rest of the Davis family are now more convinced that when it comes to holidays British is best, but if anything that has only increased the pressure on him to make this year’s holiday bigger and better.

Their epic journey takes them the length and breadth of the British Isles, with the emphasis once again on the weird and wonderful. Who knew that bog snorkelling and doing a Viking raid in Wales, discovering the delights of a vacuum cleaner museum in the Midlands and joining Jack Dee on stage in Edinburgh could be so much fun. Begins Friday 17th April 2015 ITV1 at 8pm.