Programmes 2019

  • 10x60 27th August, 2019


    The Great British Bake Off is 10!

    Now in our 10th year, the brand new series on Channel 4 sees the return of judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith as well as hosts Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig. To celebrate a decade in the tent we’ve gone one better, with a baker’s dozen!

    13 new bakers, 30 new challenges…
    On your marks… get set...BAKE!








  • 10x60 30th August, 2019

    The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice is the show that gives you an extra bite of Bake Off action.
    As the bunting goes up and the aprons go on, each week host Jo Brand is joined in studio by a panel of celebrity guests to chew over all the latest goings on in the tent and serves up some of the funniest unseen moments from the main show.

    An Extra Slice regular Tom Allen gets amongst the studio audience to take a look at the weird and wonderful bakes they’ve brought along, and serves some up for the panel to taste.

    Taking inspiration from Paul and Prue, Jo will be setting the celebrity guests some fiendish baking related challenges of her own and as ever, celebrating viewer photos of their home bakes, be they tasty triumphs or heroic fails.
    And if that wasn’t enough, Jo and her guests are also joined by the latest baker to leave and get the lowdown on their time in the Bake Off tent.

    When you can’t get enough of the Great British Bake Off, there’s always room for An Extra Slice!




  • 1x30 29th July, 2019

    With one in eight young people aged 5 to 19 having a mental disorder, demand for access to mental health services at an all-time high and antidepressant use on the increase – Dispatches explores our youth depression crisis.

    Reporter Sanah Ahsan wants to find out what is fuelling the crisis and what treatment is available for young people. Talking to teenagers and young people, campaigners, psychologists and medical professionals, Dispatches asks: Are we over-reliant on antidepressants? Do people know about the potential long-term implications? Are we offering medical solutions to emotional problems? And whilst praised for opening up the conversation around mental health, have de-stigmatisation campaigns had unintended consequences?


  • 1 x 30' Monday 10th June Channel 4

    One in three children in the UK are growing up inhaling unsafe levels of air pollution. Dispatches runs a world-first experiment to recude hundreds of primary school children's exposure to toxic air. Reporter, Morland Sanders reveals it's not just exhausts that produce dangerous emissions - for the first time we're shown previously unidentified toxins that are coming off every vehicle, even electric ones. Dispatches asks: is the Goverment doing enough to protect our children's health? Is the motor industry to blame? And what can we do to prevent dangerous exposure to children now?

  • 10 x 60'  Monday 30th April 2019

    Hosted by Tom Allen and Liam Charles, Britain's most demanding Bake Off is back. 12 Professional teams compete, creating the most spectacular showpieces and delicious dessert, in a bid to impress the world renowned judges Benoit Blin and Cherish Finden. But the only one team will be crowned the winner of Bake Off: The Professionals.

  • 1 x 30' Monday 18th March 2019


    Formula milk plays a role in almost every British baby’s diet – but how much do we know about the industry we trust to feed our children? Kate Quilton meets the infant feeding specialist who says expensive brands are “nutritionally equivalent” to cheaper rivals, the desperate mum watering down her baby’s milk to make ends meet, and the formula company CEO who admits his industry needs stricter regulation. With new research which shows how far formula influence reaches into the NHS and leaked documents which reveal how clever marketing helps firms make millions from parents, Dispatches asks whether this industry is putting profits before babies.New mum Kate Quilton asks if formula milk is being priced fairly, and whether claims made for it are unbiased and scientifically accurate.

  • 5 x 60' Tuesday 5th March 2019 

    The Great British Bake Off returns with five special Stand Up to Cancer episodes. In each episode Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding are joined by four different celebrities. They’re all aiming to impress judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith with their baking skills, but only one celebrity each week will be awarded the coveted star baker apron. On your marks, get set, bake for Stand Up To Cancer.



  • 8 x 60'  Tuesday 12th February 2019


    The hunt to find Britain’s best amateur sewer is back. 10 of the best from all walks of life,  including an engineer, a grandmother and an ex-soldier enter The Great British Sewing Bee to pit their sewing skills against each other.


    Brand new host Joe Lycett welcomes the sewers to series five of this talent search, which returns to an old tannery loft in Bermondsey, South London. Joe is joined by  judges: Savile Row tailor, Patrick Grant and  Esme Young, film costume maker and senior lecturer at Central St. Martin's Fashion College. The judges have some difficult challenges up their sleeves and over the 8 weeks the sewers must tackle tricky tailoring, outfits for canine companions, iconic 70s fashion and exquisite dresses for every occasion. They need to prove they can make everything from a swimsuit to a strapless evening dress...but only one can be crowned winner of The Great British Sewing Bee 2019

  • 1 x 60'  New Years Day 2019 

    Joining Noel, Sandi, Prue and Paul are former Bake Off stars Kate Henry, Dr Tamal, Candice and Steven, plus Britain's biggest boyband: The London Gay Men's Chorus