Home Is Where The Heart Is


3 x 60' Tuesday 10th May 2011 ITV 1

As a result of the recession, homelessness is expected to rise dramatically. So should more of us open our doors to help?

This documentary series follows four celebrity households doing just that. Brit-pop legend Alex James, presenter Anneka Rice, chef Aldo Zilli and interior designers Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan have volunteered to take part in a unique mentoring scheme by taking a homeless person off the streets and into their own homes to live with them.

Those crossing their thresholds come from a range of backgrounds, representing some of the key issues behind homelessness in the UK. Alcoholic Jim Gilraine, has slept rough for almost two decades; teenage runaway Danny Newton; ex-soldier Bobby Blunden and 23-year-old Bridgette Harvey whose parents were alcoholics and who grew up caring for her siblings from a young age.
As two very different worlds come together, can the celebrities help create a radical solution to one of Britain's most stubborn social problems? Can they provide Jim, Danny, Bridgette and Bobby with the motivation and means to overcome the challenges they face to breakout of the homeless cycle?
The series asks the question, should, and can those who have everything help those who have nothing. Is this what the Big Society means?