Programmes 2008

I Want My Dad Back

British boys are in crisis. With almost half of marriages predicted to end in divorce, and nearly two-thirds of fathers losing contact with their kids within two years of a relationship breakdown, huge numbers of children are growing up without their fathers.

The Baby Borrowers USA
6 x 60' NBC

American version of our hit UK format, which sees 5 teen couples go on a rollercoaster ride of parenthood in fast forward.

Britain's Missing Top Model (W/T)
5 X 60' BBC Three

This new factual entertainment series for BBC Three explores the biggest taboo in modelling... the lack of disabled models.

Young Mums' Mansion
10 X 60' and 7 X 30' BBC Three

Social experiment that sees 10 single mums and their kids move into a huge mansion for a month. Will communal living transform their lives for the better? The highest rating factual show on the channel this year.

Britain's Youngest Grannies
1 x 60' BBC Three

The untold story behind teenage pregnancy... as the mums get younger and younger, so, or course, do the grannies. In this show we meet 5 of Britain's youngest grannies - all of them in their mid 30's, and keener on clubbing and tattoos than knitting and baking.

The Baby Borrowers on Holiday
10 x 60' and 7 x 30' BBC Three

Second series of the provocative social experiment which lends real babies and other young children to wannabe teenage parents. This time they've also got to cope with the stresses and strains of parenting on holiday.