Programmes 2007


Cirque De Celebrité (Series 2)
4 x 120', 4 x 90' & 2 x 60' live plus midweek show 9 x 60 SKY ONE

Second series of the entertainment show in which celebrities train in circus disciplines before performing live in the Big Top - where they must face not only their fears but also the public vote, with weekly eliminations of the worst performer.


Filthy Rich & Homeless
4 x 60' BBC Three

Five uber-rich people who are obsessed with their personal possessions are taught a harsh lesson by undergoing an American-style ‘urban plunge', where they must survive on the streets without all their worldly goods.


The Baby Borrowers
10 x 60' and 7 x 30' BBC Three

The first run of the controversial series in which teenage couples who want to be parents are lent real babies, tweenies, pre-teens, teens and, finally, old people to look after. Have they got what it takes to prove they can be successful mums and dads?


The Royal Wedding : Revealed
1 X 60' for Channel 5 and ZDF

Documentary revealing the truth about the wedding of the century - the marriage of Charles and Diana in 1981.


The True Story
10 x 60' FIVE

Fast-turnaround historical documentary series which explores the real events surrounding popular history stories, from Nostradamus to Frankenstein and Roswell to the Titanic.




1 x 60' FIVE

Uncovering the behaviour of some of the biggest constrictor snakes on earth.