Programmes 2006

Cirque De Celebrité
8 x 90' and 2 x 60' live SKY ONE


First of the circus-based entertainment show in which celebrities perform daring circus skills live from the Big Top. This series was the centrepiece of Sky One’s 2006 autumn season.


Can't Stop Eating
1 x 60' C4

A documentary for C4’s award-winning 'Only Human' strand following a group of friends who live in a community for people with learning difficulties and eating disorders.


Single Mums SOS with Kate & Emily
15 x 30' Discovery Home & Health

A formatted series following two single mums helping single parents sort out their lives.


Me & My Mum
1 x 60' C4

Tony Robinson explores the issues around the lot of elderly people in this country. It’s a personal polemic: his mum has Alzheimer’s and is in a home and he hates it. This film was the centrepiece of the ‘Trouble With Old People’ season for Channel 4.


Stairlift To Heaven
1 x 60' C4

An access documentary following a family wrestling with the issues involved in deciding whether or not to move their elderly father into a home.


Gay Muslims
1 x 60' C4

An access documentary exploring the predicament of gay Muslims in this country.


Rock Star Wives and Rock Star Kids
2 x 60' SKY ONE

A two-part documentary series following the lives of the wives and kids of famous rock stars.



Greatest Movie Love Scenes

1 x 120' FIVE

List show revealing the nation’s forty favourite love scenes from cinematic history.