The Great British Wedding Cake

1 x 60' Wednesday 20th April 2011 BBC Two

The Great British Bake Off judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood explore the history of the British wedding cake. They discover its early incarnation – the Tudor bride cake that weighed a ton and was baked wrapped in pastry; they reveal the story that is said to have bequeathed us the classic tier – a baker who spied a London church from his window fashioned his wedding cake in its image.

They reveal that it was Queen Victoria who gave us Royal Icing, and that the combination of sugarpaste and the explosion of second marriages gave us the eclectic choice of cakes we have today – where a wedding cake is as likely to be a tower of macaroons as a tower of white tiers.

As they tell this story, Mary and Paul reunite the three finalists from last year’s Great British Bake Off in a one off wedding cake Bake Off...