10th December 2013 - Patrick and Vieira: The best of enemies


A LoveSport production for ITV4.

Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira hated each other.

Keane described himself as being “in a war with Vieira”.

Vieira described Keane as “my favourite enemy”.

Their infamous tunnel bust up in February 2005 has entered folklore. On the pitch they fought, off the pitch they tried to fight.

But most fans would agree that Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira were the two footballing warriors that defined their age. Already, less than a decade on, the football public pine for the days when Manchester United and Arsenal, led by their fearless captains, went to war.

Roy Keane’s post playing career has included management and a small amount of television work, analysing the biggest games in Europe. He has consistently refused to be the subject of a documentary, and has never updated the 11 year old autobiography which garnered both critical acclaim and £150,000 fine.

Patrick Vieira won every prize in the world game. From the World Cup with France to the Champions League with Inter Milan. But he will be forever remembered as the inspirational driving force behind the greatest Arsenal team of all time. Now a coach at Manchester City, he has never spoken publicly about his infamous feud with Keane.